How to Use Your Product Management Experience to Ride the AI Wave

Number of AI Product Manager Job Openings on LinkedIn — Source: AI Product Institute

The Scope of an AI Product Manager

The Three Stands of AI Product Management — Source: Toptal
  • Strategic. Before dedicating a budget to an initiative, a company will want assurance of the return on investment. Most companies are focused on increasing revenue for current product lines, but some want to enable new sources of revenue with new products. A product manager with a clear understanding of the potential of AI or ML technologies, the effort required for implementation, and how that relates to business objectives — including available infrastructure and staff resources — is an invaluable strategic asset.
  • Tactical. The product manager versus product owner split that we typically see can differ for AI teams at smaller companies. These AI product managers might work at the day-to-day team level: planning, iterating, conducting user research, leading sprint retrospectives, and presenting demos. Even where this isn’t the case, an AI product manager needs to be able to communicate with both executives and their team.
  • Technical. AI product managers need a solid foundation of technical knowledge. The ability to discuss model trade-offs, experimentation approaches, infrastructure choices, and technology stacks, for example, is integral to the role. There are several ways to augment your technical knowledge: upskilling through online courses; continuous learning via blogs, articles, videos, and forums; and gaining project-based experience.

Recommendations for Making the Leap Into AI Product Management

Prioritize Continuous Learning to Keep Pace With Developments

Build a Strong AI Portfolio

Leverage Multi-industry Experience

Prepare for a Variety of Interview Styles

Seek Well-balanced Multidisciplinary Teams

Hire Experienced Talent to Support You

Don’t Forget the Value of Soft Skills

Connect the Dots




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